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For the past six weeks youve worked relentlessly on the competition sound system in your vehicle. Your checking account is bone dry, and to top it off, your girlfriend is about to leave you for want of attention. In the past 72 hours youve redefined the word sacrifice. Lack of sleep has forced you into another dimension; a dimension where sight and sound take on new meaning. Final connections are made, equalization and crossover points are set, and a good balance of front stage – rear fill has been achieved. You reach for the keys and turn the ignition. As the engine purrs to life, a high pitched whine assaults the ears. Does this remind you of a nightmare you had one night after consuming a bottle of cheap wine and a pepperoni pizza?

How to Connect an Equalizer to an Integrated Amp

Do you need an amp if you want to put a subwoofer in your car? Answer Depends on how much juice the sub uses ,but almost always the answer is yes especially if you want a sub that kicks at all. You’ll need an amp if your subwoofer costs anywhere over about 50 USD. Otherwise the subwoofer is probably junk and you shouldn’t waste your money on it anyway. Can you hook up two subwoofers to one receiver?

You must first check with the guide to your subwoofer.

Aug 03,  · But if you really do want them, you could get a bass blocker and run them off your head unit, with the orions off the amp. Running both the tweeters and the speakers on the same channel will bump the speakers down to 2 ohm, which will fry your amp.

Is your amp bridgeable and how many channels does it have? I have a watt 4 channel crunch amp. The good thing about 4 channel is you can have a pair of sub-woofers bridged to channels 1 and 2 and control your bass. Then mids and highs bridged off of channels 3 and 4. So yes you can get more power out of certain amps by bridging. I have a nice Rockford fosgate system hooked up in my house. Just my Rockford amp is watt peak power and RMS. I also have 2 sub woofers output in the back of my home receiver.

But you can just use a y splitter like you did. My subs that go to my car audio amp are dual voice coil 4 ohms basically ran down to 1 ohm with my amp being 1 ohm stable.

iSimple iS32 Audio Playback and Charging for Phones, MP3 Players and More

This is how to troubleshoot a car amplifier and subwoofer or speakers. I have a powered subwoofer made by Infinity. The problem I kept having was that the unit would randomly stop working. The red power light was on, but no matter what I adjusted it would sometimes play just fine and other times nothing would happen at all.

Jan 03,  · Hi I’m wondering how much a car radio/stereo player/amplifier will take electricity (I mean those which you have in your car). You do know those ones? I can’t explain more. It’s a .

Wiring snake or wire coat hanger 1. With the higher quality kits, these cables often come with a ring terminal attached to one of their ends. Remember to disconnect your negative battery cable from the terminal before you start any electrical work on your car. You may have to peel back the carpet in the interior for a better view. That way you can just poke a hole through the grommet and run your power cable through.

Once your hole is just big enough to pass the cable, protect the edges of the hole with some paint or rust inhibitor like POR Once the paint is dry, install a rubber grommet or firewall bushing into the hole to protect your cable from chaffing against the sharp metal edges. Run the power cable through the grommet from the inside of the car with the ring terminal going towards the battery. As you route the cable inside the engine bay be sure the cable is far enough away from moving engine parts and anything that could pinch it.


Whether it’s an installation that might not have gone as planned, or a random problem that comes out of nowhere. Here is a list of your common car stereo problems, symptoms and solutions to help get your stereo up and running! Many Jeeps and Chevrolet systems have a data signal wire that carries a very low voltage signal that tells the OEM Head Unit when to turn on, however; it is not compatible with aftermarket units.

By Bill Hughes. You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone to your stereo. You can also connect your phone to your TV. There are distinct approaches to connection if you’re connecting just audio to your stereo or audio and video to your TV.

How to Connect an Equalizer to an Integrated Amp Candace Horgan Updated July 19, While not as commonly used as they used to be, equalisers remain a popular option for fine-tuning home-audio systems’ frequency response. Using an equaliser properly requires a lot of knowledge of your room specs, but you can easily connect the equaliser to your integrated amp, even if it lacks the Tape Loop function most equalisers depend on.

Figure out the audio chain how many components you have and how you plan to connect them in your system. If your only source is a CD or DVD player, or if your integrated amp has preamp-out and preamp-in connections, you can easily make all of the necessary connections. Connect your source component with one pair of RCA cables to the input of the graphic equaliser. Use cables long enough to allow you to place the equaliser in your rack. Connect the output of the equaliser to the preamp input of your integrated amplifier with the second pair of RCA cables.

If you’ll be connecting multiple components, you’ll need an integrated amp with preamp out and in. Connect all components to the appropriate inputs on the integrated amplifier.

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Gain controls on an amplifier are basically just small potentiometers variable resistors or volume controls if you will, that allow you to adjust the incoming signal to the amplifier so the amplifier works well with your headunit of choice or to match the level of other amplifiers in your system. Its not rocket science to set the gains. With one amplifier its desirable to have a nice swing on your headunits volume control.

Let me try to clarify this a little. If we hook up a head unit with a 8volt or more output to an amplifier, then the volume will get loud very fast when we start to turn it up

Jan 09,  · You’ll need a $+ power supply to convert the AC voltage from your house into DC voltage needed by the amps. To comment on the last answer, car chargers that put out the amount of amperage (current) needed by the amp(s) are hard to come : Resolved.

This website is a write-up of building my very own awesome RetroPie-powered bartop arcade machine, with parts list, photo gallery, useful links to amazing resources and video tutorials I found invaluable. I hope this web page helps you to build your bartop arcade and enjoy it as much as I have: Read on for my bartop arcade build write-up Well, I started getting into building Kodi-powered Raspberry Pi streaming boxes over a year ago, and was looking for other cool ideas for projects.

As part of reading up on Kodi, I happened across a few posts in Facebook groups talking about Retro Pie and started discovering a whole retro-gaming world! Reading more, I saw a lot of people were making their very own awesome bartop arcade machines. So I started thinking. And ordering parts gradually. And reading, reading, reading and finding elements of builds I liked. Initially, I was thinking about building a 1-player bartop arcade with a small screen like RetroBuiltGames does – but then we have 2 very young boys who want everything the other had, so I figured I’d better go big and do a proper 2 player system.

Heck, I didn’t even get around to building a workbench in my garage. So I started looking around for ready-cut bartop cabinet kits, thinking it’d be way easier and cheaper than building my own, but I didn’t really find much – either I didn’t love the shape of it, or it was impossibe or prohibitive cost-wise to get it to Canada.

Most bartop kits are sold in the US, UK and Europe so shipping and the sucky Canadian dollar knocked out buying a kit so I hunted the internet and found the Degenatron-modified Weecade plans, which seemed pretty good and what most bartop’s are likely based around anyway. I also wanted to do a few things differently to most of the kits and other bartop’s I’d seen.

Video: How To Power A 12 Volt Stereo With Household Current

Even if you have a W tweeter, you still need a crossover!!!! A W tweeter is rated for the high-frequency part of a W music signal. If you actually send watts into it, you will burn it out! Even if you don’t burn-out the tweeter, you’ll get distortion if you run bass into it. It’s common to use a tweeter with a lower power rating than the woofer.

Now that you have your music collection on your MP3 player, you may also want to enjoy it on your car stereo. Wearing headphones in the car can be dangerous and is illegal in a number of states. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to connect your portable MP3 Player to your car audio system.

Automotive wiring in a Dodge Ram vehicles are becoming increasing more difficult to identify due to the installation of more advanced factory oem electronics. One of the most time consuming tasks with installing an after market car stereo, car radio, satellite radio, xm radio, car speakers, tweeters, car subwoofer, crossovers, audio equalizer, car amplifier, mobile amp, car amplifier, mp3 player, ipod or any car audio electronics is identifying the correct color car audio wires for your Dodge Ram The Modified Life staff has taken all its Dodge Ram car radio wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car audio wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car stereo wiring diagrams, Dodge Ram car radio wiring schematics, Dodge Ram car wiring diagrams and cataloged them online for use by our visitors for free.

Our automotive wiring diagrams allow you to enjoy your new mobile electronics rather than spend countless hours trying to figure out which wires goes to which Dodge Ram part or component. Use of the Dodge Ram wiring information is at your own risk. Always verify all wires, wire colors and diagrams before applying any information found here to your Dodge Ram Adding More Information If you would like to help the Modified Life community by adding any missing information or adding a new car audio wire diagram to our resource, please feel free to post it at the bottom of this page.

Wiring Mids and Tweeters to Amp

Class AB amps combine the good points of class A and B amps. They have the improved efficiency of class B amps and distortion performance that is a lot closer to that of a class A amp. With such amplifiers, distortion is worst when the signal is low, and generally lowest when the signal is just reaching the point of clipping.

Class AB amps like class B use pairs of transistors, both of them being biased slightly ON so that the crossover distortion associated with Class B amps is largely eliminated. Class C amps are never used for audio circuits. They are commonly used in RF circuits.

After doing that, don’t hook up that wire yet. The neg/gnd means negative or ground. The kit also came with a black wire. You want to hook that up anywhere on your car that is metal to ground out the amp. Hook that up first. You don’t have to drag the wire up to your battery like you do your red one. Anywhere in your trunk that is metal is fine.

How to Install an Aftermarket Amplifier If you’re not satisfied with the sound output of your Honda’s stock stereo system, you can improve it with an amplifier. Learn how to do it yourself and save money. If you want more sound from your Honda’s stock audio system, then an aftermarket amplifier is a welcoming upgrade. Even if you upgrade your audio system with better speakers or head units—without adding an amplifier—the sound quality won’t improve.

When considering which aftermarket amplifier to buy, make sure to get one compatible to your Honda’s stereo head unit. This how to will help you install an aftermarket amplifier to your stereo system. Materials Needed Power drill with drill bits Flat head screwdriver Pry bar Step 1 — Disconnect the battery and access bottom step panel Disconnect the negative black terminal of the battery, and then disconnect the positive terminal. Ensure that the terminals don’t come into contact with the metal conductor.

Gently pry out the bottom step panel from the driver’s and passenger’s side. This is where the amplifier’s power supply and remote wires will run through. Wiring underneath step panel.

Car Stereo Amplifier Installation: Car Audio Systems

Drill Hole onto your surface. For this example its a DELL computer. Make sure the opening is large enough, but not too large, so tha the LED fits inside the hole snuggly. If needed apply some super glue to the LED sides and insert into hole, otherwise if its snug enough, don’t worry about it.

You will need to connect wires to these RCA jacks and run them beneath the carpet to the amp. Run the wires from the RCA cables on the opposite side of the car from where you ran the power wire. It’s important to keep those two types of wires separated as much as possible.

These are generally heat producing devices such as light bulbs, toasters and coffee makers. Starting can be as simple as flipping a switch as in a hair dryer or power drill. Listen closely to your refrigerator and you will hear it cycle on periodically as its fan, compressor or defrost cycle starts. To continuously run the unit, you need approximately watts. However when the compressor kicks in, it requires a the additional surge watts. As it settles into its running watt requirement of , the difference of watts can then be used to power something else.

If you have a low to mid watt generator up to running watts you may opt to run your refrigerator most of the time and and rely on it keeping itself cold with the doors closed, then unplug and switch the power to other needs. Be aware when looking at other tables on other sites which explain estimated wattage requirements. Some include the running watts already added in the surge watt column.

Then add in the highest surge watt requirement for any of those devices.

How To Wire Speakers and Subwoofers to Your Amplifier – 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel – Bridged Mode

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