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The thrust of it is that IU has been in a ton of scandals where she demonstrated an alleged poor attitude but the public has covered up for her because of an innocent image that she sold to everybody. This opinion is expressed, without a hint of irony, as they themselves took the time to compile lists of alleged offenses to hate on IU with, and those lists consist of incidents they remember specifically because the events were news and covered at the time. It all sort of torpedoes their own allegations that she was never examined under the microscope for these alleged infractions or that she got away without consequence. But regardless of the inherent hypocrisy of their IU witch-hunt, the actual reality is worse for them. Additionally, make no mistake about it, the timing of this onslaught of hate emerging with her dating news and people shading Eunhyuk is no coincidence. Neither is the fact that this all came from Pann, home of the upset fangirls ranting randomly with convoluted and selective memory essays. After all, who will think of the oppars? In conclusion, just accept that IU is evil. It was written, after all.


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She got her first role in the film A-rong’s Big Expedition , when she was 9. She hates messes and is a neat freak, once she started tidying her and So Yeon ‘s dorm, she kept doing more pointless tidying up and ended up cleaning for the whole night. She is a certified black belt in Taekwondo. Her fellow members love pranking and picking on Eun Jung due to her funny reactions. She is a heavy sleeper and will sleep whenever, wherever.

She is Hydrophobic and can’t swim. Her fellow members voted her the strongest and healthiest member, they also voted her the most gullible member. Ji Yeon said that her and Eun Jung are the closest. She has a passion for composing and arranging music. She has worked on many T-ara songs. She is a very indecisive person, she is also very clumsy.

Scintillatingly Scandalous: IU, Eunhyuk and Dating on the Kpop Scene

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All cast is belong to themselves and God. Namun baru saja mereka turun, beberapa orang sudah memperhatikan mereka. Yang ganteng, tapi sok dingin itu? Karena tipe orangnya yang cuek. Setelah Jiyeon pergi, yang Sanghyun lakukan adalah mengelus-ngelus dadanya sambil sesekali mengatur nafas. Untuk kesekian kalinya, aku hampir saja mati muda tadi! Tadi katanya kau pergi sekolah bareng Sanghyun? Ada hubungan apa kalian berdua? Dapat gosip gak jelas darimana kamu? Jadi itu bener ya?

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O, Joon, Cheondung, Mir 4. Yang Seung Ho merupakan leader sekaligus main vocal. Seungho pintar dalam permainan piano, ini biasanya menjadi senjata ampuh baginya untuk merebut hati cewek yang jadi guest star di reality atau variety show yang ada dia nya. Seungho merupakan leader teraniaya. Seungho lahir tanggal

Jul 10,  · Mblaq Thunder (Cheondung) Talk about 2ne1 Sandara.

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Ya, dia adalah Joo di SMA Kirin Art School berumur 18 Yeon sudah memiliki kekasih bernama Yeon segera masuk bis sebelum tangan nya dicekal oleh seorang cowok bertubuh atletis dan tampak ramah.

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He’s also called Cheondung because Bi says that when he dances he looks like he’s shivering/shuddering and it’s like how a thunder bolt is.(Star Interview) Bi once said that the more you look at him, the more attractive he looks (I don’t remember where Bi said this, but will try to look for it).

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Kang Ha Neul denies dating rumors with IU

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♪ He’s also called Cheondung because Bi says that when he dances he looks like he’s shivering/shuddering and it’s like how a thunder bolt is.(Star Interview) ♪ Bi once said that the more you look at him, the more attractive he looks.

Jungkook born September 1, is a South Korean singer. He was born in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. In this article we are going to introduce his love life. Who is he dating right now? However he shows various talents in not only vocals but also rap and dance. He has wanted to be a singer since he listened to songs of G-Dragon , a member of a popular South Korean boy band Big Bang when he was in his 10th grade.

About Rumor

Beberapa hari ini MyungZy Shipper lagi dapet cobaan berat, rumor soal L pacaran sama ullzang oplas yang doyan ama coklat ampe segitunya. Awal rumor itu berasal dari twitter ya? Yang isinya bikin isi perut keluar semuanya uweekkss: Kau tak lagi orang kecil! Meski kau tidak bukan siapa-siapa lagi, aku akan selalu berada di sampingmu dan selagi aku tak akan berubah, aku akan meminta penjelasan jika kau, innocent seperti biasa, pergi ke salah satu klub itu atau pesta yang tak kau sukai dan aku akan iri jika kau bermain dengan teman lain.

Namun, kita akan selalu bersama sampai akhir hidup kita.

Lee Ji Eun (bahasa Korea: 이지은; lahir 16 Mei ) atau yang biasa dikenal dengan IU (bahasa Korea: 아이유) adalah seorang penyanyi, komponis, aktris, gitaris, penari dan pembawa acara televisi.

IU and Eunhyuk sex scandal Posted by: KPopRanter November 10, For those who aren’t even the slightest bit aware of the new and biggest scandal of the month, IU and Eunhyuk are supposedly dating. This picture surfaced as well as a picture of IU without the visible gown she is wearing through IU’s official and personal Twitter account, in which she deleted almost immediately after. My theory of this incident? I mean, IU even said something along the lines of her wanting to be seen differently as she was seen currently!

Looking at this incident a bit closer because IU deleted the images a little while after they were posted , it seems a bit obvious that it was staged. As a Twitter user, I know that before you post anything on Twitter you click on more than just one button to post it, so the probability of IU not knowing that she posted the picture, in which both of them relating to the sex scandal, is near non-existent. Not to mention that even before this scandal happened, it was already rumored that they were to be dating with enough evidence to have already started a scandal months ago: Oppar didn’t mean it!

IU and Eunhyuk could have actually been dating for some time, had sex some times, too and the uploaded Twitter image was taken during a “date”. Maybe, the reason why she posted it on Twitter to make it look like an accident seems as if Eunhyuk was or had already broken up with IU and she used this picture to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Though this theory is most probably wrong , it is most likely closer to the truth than the excuse IU was sick and her sick, naked friend, Eunhyuk went out of his way to take care of her that LOEN and SM had came up with!

Is IU and Taeyang dating?

The biggest victim of IU’s dating news 1. Eunhyuk is so pitiful. Eunhyuk was insulted on variety shows for years when IU was the one who made the mistake. Eunhyuk got much more sexual insults.

Eun Jung (은정) is a Korean pop singer and actress. She is the main vocalist, main dancer, and rapper for T-ara and the leader of the sub-unit T-ARA N 4. She was the leader for the group from July to .

EunHyuk-IU scandal from last 9th of November As EunHae Shippers we were surely very shocked when this photo was posted as the scandal invaded the internet, and our social networks in less than a few hours. We were already at the time serious EunHae shippers, and to see that was kind of feeling heartbroken. To anyone who didn’t really believe in EunHae or other couples made up by fans it is hard to understand what kind of feeling we had back then. So we would like to clear up this subject and give our own interpretation of the events We don’t know more than you, or more than everyone else, we just talked a lot about it, got to see some proof on the internet too, and came up with this: EunHyuk was NOT half naked on the photo taken by IU herself as you can see on the photo where fans did a contrast montage and found out that because of the luminosity and the quality of the photo we would think that he was actually half naked.

Plus everyone know now that the photo was taken on her sofa and not on her bed so no proof that they did have sex and we really don’t think they had, but that is subjective. And what is the use to take a photo after having sex, I mean if they had have sex, then they would be on the bed or something and naked, she wouldn’t have taken the pic with her pajamas on.

[Breaking] The truth behind the rumors Kang Ha Neul and IU dating ?

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